Feeling Fear But Doing It Anyway


Hello my Beautiful Lashionistas and welcome to my blog! After months of planning, weeks of working and many sleepless nights it is finally here. For many years I have wanted to have a blog of my own. I have been planning this blog since last June. Fear and the need to be perfect kept me from starting it sooner. These two things are my constant companions but I will not let them stop me from pursuing my dreams.

So you’re probably wondering what I am going to write about?

Here are a few things that you can expect from my blog:

  • Tutorials on makeup and skin care routines.
  • Cool quotes to inspire you.
  • Challenging topics regarding womanhood, beauty, love etc.
  • My favorite books and what I love about them.
  • Interviews with some of the coolest chicks I know.
  • Stuff about Younique ( cause you know I love it!)

I can’t wait to share all the things that I love with you and hope that you will join me for the ride.

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Idalisse Sandoval

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